Who is Davis Capital Lending?

We are a private money brokerage.

We partner with the best hard money lenders in the country to secure exclusive low rates for your real estate investment project, take your loan from application to servicing, and help you craft your unique strategy while providing you the knowledge and tools you need to reach financial independence.

What kind of rates can I get?

Interest rates depend on experience, LTV, location, risk, and property type. Rates range from 6% to 14%.

How much of my project will you fund?

For Fix & Flip properties, we can fund 70% - 90% of purchase price and 100% of rehab cost.

LTC and LTV vary by property type

What types of properties do you fund?

We cover fix & flips, rentals, new construction, commercial and refinance deal

How quickly can you close?

We can typically fund within 10 business days of receiving a complete submission package.

Which states do you lend in?

All of them! We have top-notch lending partners nationwide.

Are there any upfront fees?

We have no up-front fees. The only fee due at submission is the cost of an independent appraisal on the property required by the lender.

Does my credit score matter?

No, we do not.

We do request a credit pull authorization so that, should we have fraud or other concerns, we already have permission to run the report. Certain loan products may require a credit pull.

We take authorizations only when necessary to protect our private money lenders, you, and ourselves from particularly risky situations.

Can I occupy the residence until I refinance or re-sell it?

No. We only lend for non-owner occupied properties. If we were to find out that you were occupying the investment property, it could cause the note to be called due and payable immediately. However, you may have a renter in the property.

Can I close under my LLC, corp. or trust?

Yes, you can. It is encouraged to use a borrowing entity so you're legally protected.